Weekly Summer Camp

Starts June 20th-Ends August 12th

*Fridays are optional days (if there are enough kids in town, we will have activities this day)- activities may be switched during the week to fit kids’ interests)

June 20th-24th: Around the world activities:

Monday: Discovering Spanish Speaking countries. Making Flags. Bingo and Twister

Tuesday; Where and What? Scavenger.  Let’s travel. My traveling suitcase (survival game)

Wednesday: Collaborating: Poster Presentation: Location, Flag, Facts, My favorite aspect of this country-Dress up day

Thursday: My passport (name, age, favorite color, favorite sport, food, favorite place) Find the missing country following cues. I am a detective! 

Margaritas Day. salsa dance, salsa and chips at the park. Singing: La vida loca/ WAKA WAKA.

June 27th – July 1st (Making Piñatas )

Monday:  History of Piñatas/Kahoot game: Teams. Colors/ numbers/ instructions in Spanish for making a Piñata. Balloons, glue, newspapers, magazines, sweets, decorative paper. Let’s play: Identify the objects

Tuesday: Let’s make a piñata. Why pinatas? Piñata mosaic. Bilingual story: Laura’s Piñata

Wednesday:  Piñata colors and figures-My Piñata outfit-Traditional Piñata games

Thursday: Birthdays and Piñata party (cookies, hot dogs and soda at the park. We will bust a piñata open) Piñata challenge. 

July 5th – 8th (No camp on July 4th) (Happy Birthday USA)

Tuesday: Fourth of July- Bilingual trivia/vocab. Color Esperanza song- Vocabulary/Match it Game.

Wednesday: Craft: Celebrating USA. Colors, songs, games: Sort it out (numbers, animals, colors, celebrations). Baking. Making muffins/cookies

Thursday: How do other countries celebrate birthdays? Read aloud/act-it-out.Dress up in USA colors. Dress her/him up game

July 11th – 15th (Splash-Summer Days)

Monday: Carnival- Vocab: adjectives and nouns. How’s carnival/Mardi Grass celebrated? 

Tuesday: Masks: Colors, shapes, numbers, and figures. Let’s Play: Carnival games.

Wednesday: Carnival contest. Songs, games, and crafts. Our Carnival Prince and Princess. 

Thursday: Values and relationships during Carnival celebrations. Water balloons challenge. Kids bring a change of clothes.

July 18th-22nd (Food and Celebrations)

Monday: Food vocab, food in Spanish speaking countries. Restaurants around my city. 

Tuesday: Food posters and presentations start. Roleplay-Dress Up! 

Wednesday: Comparing and Contrasting USA and Spanish Speaking Countries’ food and celebration

Thursday: The taste of Mexico: Tacos and Margaritas. Roleplay: At the restaurant.

July 25th – 29th (Stem Activities-DIY Robot)*Kids bring AA battery, a can, a copper wire with stripped ends or alligator clips, a DC motor, and electrical tape

Monday: Bilingual Vocabulary/Robots/Technology and our future. Drones.

Tuesday: My design-Robot sketch. Who’s that? Vocabulary reinforcement

Wednesday: My Robot Presentation. Booklet challenge.

Thursday: Let’s tech savvy-Upgrading my robot game and challenge

Aug. 1st – 5th (Sports Week) 

Monday: Sports vocabulary/ Famous Hispanics in Sports/ Guess who? Charades

Tuesday: Sports Magazine/ My design (physical descriptions)/My favorite sport player

Wednesday: My favorite sport- Wear your sport outfit- Games and crafts- Presenting my Favorite Player.

Thursday:Final Presentations. Tidying T-shirts. Soccer match

Aug. 8th – 12th- (Hawaiian Luau)

Monday: Beach Day Vocabulary-Booklet Game

Tuesday: Hawaiian Pictionary/Bingo/ Making my ALOHA outfit (necklace, skirts)

Wednesday: How to make a pina colada/ Ingredients and instructions/ Presenting/ ALOHA outfit

Thursday: Games: Pineapple bowling, Pass the coconut, Limbo. Pina colada day

Aug. 12th- Summer Blast from 3:00 pm-6:00 pm (Summer Party)(Included in your price. Please select if you would like your child to participate.) All kids who participated in the summer activities are invited/ Guest fee $15.  Traditional games, dancing, and Farewell! 

Summer Camp for our Little ones!

Let’s Play Camp for little kids has closed registrations for this week. Thank you!

Let’s Talk Spanish for kids 8-10 yrs old.