Our Mission: To facilitate your language learning experience through purposeful practice, challenging activities, and cultural exposure.

Language Learning Solutions NC

Our Motto

We connect through languages, and we grow through experiences!
¡Nos conectamos a través de los idiomas y crecemos a través de las experiencias!
Nous grandissons par les langues et nous nous transformons par les expériences!

Our History

Language Learning Solutions is a language academy founded and operated by Maria Elena Pearsall. I am a native of Venezuela and a World Language Instructor with 28 years of teaching experience.  

As a language specialist, I have facilitated language learning for all ages and levels (elementary, middle & high school, college, and professionals) in my home country of Venezuela and in the United States. My educational background includes: a Bachelor in English, associate degrees in Learning Processes and in Business Administration, a Master in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and certifications in Social Emotional Learning, Intercultural Communications, Professional Project Management, Remote Learning, and Technology. I am currently pursuing my doctoral degree in Education. Learn more about me and my work at mariapearsall.weebly.com/

Language Learning Solutions, LLC aims to bring high quality language training, immersion, and cultural events to all levels and ages in-person and online.    

Language Learning Solutions values You! We value creativity, spontaneity, discovery, collaboration, and communication.