Practice with Purpose!

When practicing your language skills think about your goal. What is it that you want to achieve during the time you are practicing? What’s your focus? For instance, if your goal is to learn five words in a written form, your practice should involve writing those words in different contexts: within a sentence, spelling it, finding images and writing the words, etc. The objective of your practice should guide the time you spend writing, listening, speaking, or reading.

Be consistent. Practicing everyday will help you progress more than practicing once a week for two hours. It’s consistency what will add to your success, even if just a little.

Your practice needs to have an objective, a purpose. That’s what makes it meaningful. Structure your tasks in a way that allows you to scaffold the vocabulary. Pace yourself. Combine the things you are passionate about with learning your target language. Exposure is key when learning a language, so the more you are exposed to the vocabulary, the sentences, or phrases, the more confident you will feel. For example, if you love cooking learn words for different foods, practice ordering food at a Spanish speaking restaurant.

Make every minute of your practice worth your time! Find what works for you as a learner.

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